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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Movie Review: Swept Away

Bad movie in a great way. 

So this is not a movie I would typically pick out to watch, but I happened to be sitting on the couch with my mother one night when she stumbled across this movie.  As you may have heard this movie is a Madonna movie, directed by her husband.  I really don't know what to say about this movie other than the fact that this movie seemed like nothing more than Madonna looking for ways to stay in the limelight.  I would say that this movie is a combination of all of Madonnas sick fantasies thrown into one seemingly awful movie. This movie not only promotes men hitting women in a way it shows that women enjoy it?  Although this movie truly is awful I do have to say that it is a hidden gem, and I use that term loosely.  It is worth seeing, but more for laughs and comments.  If you get the chance watch it, I sincerely think the two hundred movie love montages will make you love it.

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  1. Ah!! It sounds like it's right up there with Desperately Seeking Susan...lol